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Encores Gives Back

Gives Back

 The Blessing Closet

The Blessing Closet is our way of distributing your donated items to needy families or charitable organizations in our area. On Sunday after pick-up is over, these families and organizations can “shop” for free.  Admission is by invitation only at no charge, and interested organizations or families can request an invitation and all the details by emailing


We do ask that each organization who will be shopping at the BC on Sunday, send someone from your group to help us with sorting on Saturday from either 3-7 or 4-8. If your group plans to have 2 shoppers, we will need 2 sorters.

We really need this help and we thank you in advance!


We also open the Blessing Closet to our workers as a thank-you for their hard work.  Clothing and shoes can be purchased for $1 and other items are usually ½ of the original price.  The money raised goes directly to our charities for that sale.


The people and charities change each sale.  Some of our regulars are Room in the Inn, Girl Scouts, Thistle Farms Women, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, refugee programs, mission trip needs from various churches, and many more.  


If you know of a family who has hit on hard times or whose homes have been destroyed recently, please email to see if there is an opening for them at the Blessing Closet.


We usually raise around $1000 and many families and individuals are helped this way.


Thanks so much to everyone who donated. You really made a difference in someone's life!!


We saved up several sale's worth of donation $$ and contributed to this House of Hope, built by Hope Force International.  These houses are built by local men and volunteers from Hope Force and we are so happy that Encores could be a part of it!  Thank you for your donations!!

If a TN school of 300 children donated $1 each per month, that would not only pay for a sandwich each morning for the 200 children at the Ecca school in Haiti, but it would also give the women who make the sandwiches extra income, in fact, probably several women would get new jobs!


Learn about the Ecca School:

The School Sessions Video


If you are interested in helping them or need more information, please email Connie at


To get more information about Hope Force, please go to

We are also looking for schools (or anyone) to partner with a school in Sous Savanne to provide breakfast for 200 children each month.


They only eat one meal a day in the afternoon, and while there are local women who offer sandwiches for only .20 cents each, a large majority of the families cannot afford even that.  


Most children go to school everyday without breakfast and we all know how important breakfast is! It would be easy to help them...