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$1 processing fee included on all credit/debit transactions


Shopping tips

Bring a friend and make it a mom’s day out!


Bring a large bag or something to help you carry all your selections.


Make a list of sizes and needed items before you come.


If you wish to purchase a large item, look for the special purchase tag and  please write your name/phone on the TOP section of the tag.  Remove the bottom section of the tag which has the price tag on it and keep it with you. Be careful not  to lose the tag. Please ask a worker for a purchase tag if the item you want does not have it.  Remember, once you take off the card, you must buy it!


Be sure to check in both the boys and the girls for your sizes. We have lots of unisex items, such as Gap.


Find a good light to sit under and carefully inspect everything you plan to purchase. We do our best at inspection, but cannot possibly catch everything. All sales are final.


We accept cash, debit cards, Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express.  We do not accept checks cards.

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