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$1 processing fee included on all credit/debit transactions


Once you register and receive your number, it will be permanently yours AND you will be able to use it all the Encores sales: Franklin and Murfreesboro. You will want to be sure your name is on the list at each sale, so be sure to register for each sale separately. Go to our Links tab for the web addresses.  

get your

consignor number

Please read the information below and on the 

If you are a                                  , use the                                               button.


If you are a                                    , please use the                                button and log in with your previous User ID and Password.  Your previous consignor number will show up in your account page.  If you can’t remember your log-in information, there is a link on the Register Here page with which you can retrieve your info.


On your account page, be sure your email address is correct.


Once you've registered, you will find several tutorials listed under the "Manage Inventory" tab. Browse through those to refresh your memory!

Tips on entering items

The system remembers your previous entries. Simply type one letter in the drop-down box.  It will go to your previous entry.


Type very precise descriptions so we can match a lost tag to your item should it become separated. Include the brand name, color, type, number of pieces, and any other info that helps identify the item.

Example: Gap Navy striped Sweater w/brown cord. pants.


See the bar code examples below. Once you have printed one page, please compare your tags to those examples to be sure your tags will scan.


Please email us at if you think your bar code will not scan.



Bar Codes

Hand written Cards

We can no longer accept hand-written cards. You can leave the description area blank and fill that in by hand if you wish; however if you do that, we will not be able to search the database for your item should the tag become separated from the item.

The system operates on emails and user IDs. You will need to create a different user ID. Each consignor number requires a unique email address, so just add ENC to the beginning of your email address.  That way the system will allow you to get another number and since your email will be bogus, you won’t get duplicate emails from us.


You may change your email at any time once registered and of course you are free to use a second valid email if you want to. You will receive emails for that second address also. User IDs cannot be changed.

Standard maintenance for the registration site is every day from 5:50am – 6:30am

Email us at if you have any questions.

good-barcode-1 incorrect-2 bar-code-incorrect-1

          Crisp, distinct lines with

white space on all 4 sides

      With line through it, will not scan

Blurred, thick lines will not

scan.  Be sure your printer

is set to Draft printing. You

do not want to use dark ink.


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Registration Process

On the registration page you will...

enter and print

your tags

sign up for worker

shifts and check-in


one two three



Read the PRINT TAGS page.  It is important that the bar codes scan properly. That is how you get paid!

Set your printer to DRAFT PRINTING. You do NOT want to use dark ink.

COMPARE your tags to the pictures below or on the



"TO DO" List





If you need more than one consignor number

GOOD Bar Code


BAD Bar Code


star-2 star-2 star-2