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$1 processing fee included on all credit/debit transactions


Pick-up date

Sunday, March 12


10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.



Checks will be mailed March 27th


The sold items will be posted periodically during our sale days and you can look them by clicking the View Settlement tab on the home page in your tagging account.

Please be sure you know your consignor number and size sections when you come to pick-up.  If you need help, feel free to ask one of our volunteers to help you.

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All clothing is sorted by number within its size rack. Children's toys are sorted into the 100s on the toy tables.  All other children’s items and accessories will be left unsorted in their display area so they can be easily seen for pick-up.

All items must be picked up Sunday,March 12 by 2:00pm.

Please make arrangements with a friend or relative to pick-up if you cannot come Sunday by 2pm. After that time, items left will be donated.