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$1 processing fee included on all credit/debit transactions



Paid Workers

The pay rate is $10 per hour.


These shifts do not qualify you for early shopping!  


Please click here for the shift dates and sign-up page.

Worker Information

Very Important:  this shift is crucial to our operations, so please be on time and don’t cancel on us!! If you must cancel, please text us immediately!


It is hard to predict exactly how long we may need workers. Most shifts are 6 hours long, but if you are interested in working longer, just let us know! Shifts will be a minimum of 4 hours.


We won’t know your exact job until you get there.  It can be anything from helping at check-out or organizing merchandise to carrying things for customers and cleaning up.


You must be physically able to stand and be on your feet the entire shift.  If you cannot do that, please do not sign up for this shift.  We do have some volunteer shifts during which you can sit.


Wear layered work clothes.


We don’t have a food break, so if you must eat, please bring finger foods/drink to work while you eat.


No children under 17, please.

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Important Notes

On our busy days, it takes more than 60 workers to make Encores run smoothly!  Often our volunteers are not enough, so we will hire workers.