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Must-Read Information

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Due to space limitations, we must be very selective about items we accept.

If any of the following are consigned, they will be donated to charity.

we can accept

we can NOT accept

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Before you spend your valuable time tagging an item, please be sure it meets these guidelines! 

Spring and Summer Clothing

Boys sizes preemie thru 20

Girls sizes preemie thru Jr

Clothing sized 12 months and under -

    Limit 25 hanging items per sex in entire range

Jr. clothing must be age appropriate -

       Limit 25 items for the entire range Jr. 0 - 17  

Maternity - Limit 15 per consignor

Clean Equipment - beds, strollers, high chairs, furniture  

Seasonal Shoes, Sports Equipment

Toys, books, videos, games, CDs, DVDS

Any kid’s item in good condition!

No electric breast pumps

Drop-side cribs

Out of date clothing - it will not sell

Tee Shirts unless they are brand names or logos

Stuffed Animals or Grab Bags

No Mobiles (unless in original box)

Battery-operated toys without batteries

Bedding sets not completely encased in sturdy plastic

        (such as the zippered bag it is originally packaged in)

Anything broken or with missing parts

Children's Items, especially older ones, are often recalled.  Please visit to be sure your items are "re-sellable."

Check out the web site for some good information.

Tips to Help Your Items Sell Better

Clothes that are clean, pressed,and smell fresh, with buttons and zippers closed, look newer & generally sell better. Closing buttons will keep them from being torn off by other hangers that get caught in them, and having zippers fastened allows the item to hang properly on the hanger.


Sets tend to sell better (under size 10) than separate items, so match up separates if you can.


Shoes must be clean & in excellent condition.


Toys which require batteries must include them.


Baby furniture, equipment, and toys should be clean, have all parts, and any small pieces should be in a Ziploc bag, securely attached to the main part with packaging tape or ribbon.


Clear packaging tape is great for securing the bags so small hands can’t reach in. Please don’t use masking or scotch tape as it will not hold.


Equipment needs to be completely assembled at drop-off.





If you bring a car seat, please call 1-866-SEATCHECK or go to to make sure it has not been recalled. All car seats must come with a signed declaration that it meets our standards. Click here to download and print the document.

Car Seat Declaration


If you are bringing a large load of toys and non-clothing items, please do not wait until the last days of check-in to bring them!

Please avoid Sunday -- better to bring them on Saturday


Print our Flyer for condensed info!