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Encores Gives Back

 Dear Consignors,


    My name is Laura Ly and I handle the donated items from Encores and More

North Children's Consignment.  I would like to tell you a little about

myself and my family.  I live in White House with my husband Long and my

twin 9 year old girls Madalyn and Allison.  I had a hard time delivering

Madalyn and she went without oxygen for a period of time and  as a result,

she has Cerebral Palsy.   She has been receiving traditional therapies since

she was 8 months old with very little progress.  We took her to Shriners

Hospital and the doctor there told us she would never walk or talk.  He told

us he was sorry for our burden.  I informed him that she was our child and

not a burden and that we would prove him wrong.  I have prayed since then

for healing, patience, and guidance.  I started looking into alternative

therapies to compliment with traditional therapies.  To date we have tried

conductive education, neurologic music therapy, myofascial release massage,

and Anatbaniel method with very good results.  We are currently doing

magnetic therapy, G-therapy, Lokomat Robotic therapy, vitamins and

nutritional supplements.  As you can probably guess insurance does not cover

alternative therapies and we do not receive any financial help from the



We have started having fundraiser yard sales to raise the money for the

alternative therapies.  During the yard sales I met so many parents and

grandparents of children with special needs.  I heard their stories and how

alone they feel on this special journey God has chosen for us. That is when

I decided to start an online special moms support Google group.  We have

over 60 members now and I meet new parents at every yard sale.  If you know

of someone who is raising a child with special needs, please give them my

email address.  I would love to help and support them in any way that I can.

    I have also been blessed to help so many people and children with your

donations.  I now know that this is my calling in life.  I am passionate

about getting clothes to those who truly need them.  After my fundraiser

yard sales I donate everything to local charities, and schools.

    I am thrilled to report that Madalyn is now communicating with words and

signs.  She is drinking through a straw and eating table food.  She is

walking short distances with a walker and she can wheel her wheelchair like

nobody's business.  She has the best sense of humor and a smile that will

melt your heart.

    I want to thank you all personally for your generous donations.  If you

know of a family in need please email me and let me know.



Laura Ly

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