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Sellers Contract

Encores North

Seller Contract


Please click here to Print, Sign, and Bring to Check-in  


By submitting my application to receive a seller number from Encores Consignment, I am stating that I understand the following:


•I have read and understand the Encores Flyer and Web Site. There is no Adult/Home sale this time.


•Infant clothing size 0 -12 months are limited to 25 hanging items in the entire size range per sex .


•Girls’ Junior clothing must be age appropriate and limited to 25 hanging items in the entire Junior size range.


•Maternity clothing are limited to 15 items each per consignor.


•The participant fee is $10 for the children’s sale


•No one under 10 years old is allowed at the Consignor Pre Sale, Guest Pre Sale, or Grandmother’s Sale.


•I will not consign any recalled products.


•I have read the updates on the Consignor Corner page on the web site.


•Any items left at check-in that do not comply with the regulations listed on the web site will be donated.


•The toys will be sorted into numerical order on the tables and the floor items will also be sorted into numerical order in the floor area just as we normally do. The clothing will be sorted into numerical order within their sizes on the clothing racks as usual. All other children’s items will be left unsorted in their display area so they can be easily seen for pick-up. Please click here for a list of things that will no longer be sorted.


•Any items left after 2PM on pick-up day will be donated.


•My sold items will be listed under the View Settlement Tab on my registration account. Encores North is not responsible for operator or computer errors.


•Encores North Consignment, Connie Hasty, & Russie Carter are not responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of consigned items.



Signature: ______________________________________________________ Date: _______________