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$1 processing fee included on all credit/debit transactions


Encores News!

Read through these important points for the North area sale.  Feel free to email if you have any questions. Thanks for consigning with Encores Consignment!

Connie and Russie


At PreSale, no waiting in line before it opens. We will be offering online sign-ups!


On your presale pass you will find a link near the bottom that goes to our Line Up registration page. At 10am on presale day, this registration will be open and you can go to this link to reserve your place in the presale line. This online Line Up will be closed at 4pm and anyone who comes to the site that has not signed up online will be in line behind everyone who DID sign up online. We will start forming the line at 5:30pm. Doors open at 6pm.


This site will NOT be active until 10am on presale day. If you go to the site before10am on presale,  you will not be able to sign up.

Blessing Closet

We will have our Blessing Closet this sale immediately after pick-up is over, at which time various charitable organizations or needy families can shop the donated items for free. (They can apply by emailing  


Shop the Blessing Closet and pay $1 for shoes and clothing by volunteering for 1 or more working shifts plus a sort shift. 100% of the proceeds are donated.

Sign-Up to Line-Up!

All children's clothing is sorted by number within its size rack. Children's toys and electronics are sorted into the 100s on the toy tables or floor for bigger items.  All other children’s items, accessories, and Adult/Home Goods will be left unsorted in their display area so they can be easily seen for pick-up. Click here for a list of things that will not be sorted.

Checks will be mailed February 23.  Don't forget the SASE!  Your consignor account will be updated with your sold items.

Sorting unsold items

Checks Mailed

Daily Sales Updates!

We will be posting sales to each consignor's account periodically during the sale.  And you will have a complete list of your sold items at the end of the sale. Just click on the View Settlement Tab on your home page in your tagging account to see what has sold.  It is fun to see what is selling, how much you are making...and helps with pick up!

1.  We are happy to be back at the Concentra Bldg, just behind Logan's -- a very busy intersection! And we will have the Adult/Home Goods once again at this sale, so it will be a great opportunity to make some money before Spring Break!!


2. We have added more worker rewards, including gift certificates and waiving your consignor fee, so check out our worker page!  There is also the perk of shopping the dollar sale at the Blessing Closet. Click the worker page for all the details.


3.  Limits on Children's clothing sizes Newborn-12 months is 25 hanging items in the entire size range per sex and  Juniors is 25 items in the entire size range Jr. 0 – 17.  Maternity clothing is limited to 15 items each. Women's/Men's are 5 items each per sex and 5 pairs shoes total.


5. We have changed our sorting procedures and will no longer be sorting accessories. The toys will be sorted into numerical order on the tables and the floor items will also be sorted into numerical order in the floor area just as we normally do. The clothing will be sorted into numerical order within their sizes on the clothing racks as usual.  All other children’s and Adult/Home Goods will be left unsorted in their display area so they can be easily seen for pick-up. Please click here for a list of things that will no longer be sorted.


6. Remember our revised daily schedule: PreSale being on TUESDAY, Feb. 6 at 6:00pm and the Sale Dates will be Feb. 7 - 10.  Please add this to your calendar right now!!

Levis paper

If you haven't already, meet Levis Henshaw - Our official Check-in Manager and worker supervisor.  

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4.  The $10 Registration fee for children's items is deducted from your earnings at the end.  Your fee can be waived entirely if you bring a friend or mark your tags to donate your unsold items.