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$1 processing fee included on all credit/debit transactions


Consignors with a large amount of items will need an additional check-in time. Generally if you have more than one car/van load, you need more than one check in time.


Come to the check-in table to sign in and get your presale passes. Don't forget your SASE envelope for your check to be mailed!


You will need to hang your clothes in the correct sizes at drop-off.


Bring your non-hanging items in disposable containers such as boxes or bags that you can leave with us instead

of plastic containers which are time-consuming to empty.


Please have separate containers for shoes



Check-in Information

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We have two check-in options:


General dates

Appointment only dates

You can come anytime during the hours below and

no appointment is necessary

You choose a specific time to drop off by logging in to reserve a time slot

Saturday,         Feb. 3        2pm-6pm

Sunday,            Feb. 4       3pm-6pm                                                                    







Saturday,         Feb. 3         10am - 2pm

Sunday,            Feb. 4        Noon - 3pm

Monday,           Feb. 5         10am - 6pm






Make an appointment

Helpful Hints

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if you cannot get an appointment, you may be a work-in on Monday, Feb. 5th-- if you come by noon.  All work-ins must wait for a lull during the appointments.