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$1 processing fee included on all credit/debit transactions



Adult Sale

Become a consignor

Our Registration/Tagging system is great!  You will use the Registration/Tagging site for the following:

connie consignor one three two

get your consignor number

print tags

make a drop-off appointment, if needed

Once you register and receive your number, it will be permanently yours AND you will be able to use it all the Encores sales: South, Murfreesboro, and the Children's sales at each site. (You will have to register for each sale separately.)  


Please be sure to read the tagging guidelines for both sections, since the requirements vary between children's and adult/home items. We will sort the clothing into sizes as we always have, but we will no longer sort the adult/home decor items. If you would like to pick up your items early, you may work sort for 2 hours and then get your items afterwards.  Please check our worker page for more info.    

Read the following items and then click the registration link below to begin the process.

You must bring a minimum of $50 worth acceptable items.

Please thoroughly read the guidelines listed on the Tagging page and General Information pages. You will receive 70% of the selling price.

There will be a participant's fee deducted from your total earnings, as follows:  

Checks will be mailed February 23.

You will get two              presale passes.

Two (2)

Sign Up to Line Up

One adult per pass.


Sign Up to Line Up is always a huge success! Please get more details about this sign-up on the Consignor Corner Page.

If at all possible, please do not bring purses or diaper bags into the sale building with you.

 Tuck your credit card and ID in your pocket!                

If you choose to bring these types of items in, please do not be offended when your bag is searched as you leave the building.

When you drop off your items              

Your items will be inspected to make sure they meet our criteria, so please allow plenty of time for this process.

Please come to the check-in table before unloading large furniture and ask for an inspector to look at it before unloading, if possible


Bring your non-hanging items in disposable containers such as boxes or bags that you can leave with us instead of plastic  containers which are  time-consuming to empty.


Please put shoes and children's items (if you are bringing children's items) in a separate container from your other items so we can look through them quickly.


Drop Off Hours

General Check-in Hours

No appointment necessary.

You can check-in your childrens's items at the same time.

Appointment Check-in Hours

Be sure to bring a self-addressed stamped

envelope for your check.

Please keep your appointment!

Release your appointment if you aren't using it.

It 's easy to release a spot. Just log in above. There are always those who really need an appointment and many others who are no shows.


Click GO to register

Pick-up of unsold items will be Sunday February 11 10am - 2pm



Adult/Home Decor Items Only: $10

Children's Items Only: $10

Both Children's and Adult/Home: $10  


Saturday,         Feb. 3        2pm-6pm

Sunday,            Feb. 4       3pm-6pm  

Saturday,         Feb. 3         10am - 2pm

Sunday,            Feb. 4        Noon - 3pm

Monday,           Feb. 5         10am - 6pm  




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Printable Flyer

Want to Waive your Participant Fee???

Choose to Donate all your unsold items   or

Bring a friend to consign who did not participate in the last sale     Click here for more info